prompt me

so now and again, people have ideas for fics they’d like me to write. that’s great! because you know i never have enough stuff to write. but, no, really, prompts are a ton of fun. there are a few ways to prompt me, the specifics of which are below. pop your prompt in an ask with the word prompt mentioned in it somewhere (in case i have a mental breakdown and don’t realise what you’re talking about) and provided it tickles my fancy, it’ll on the list!

the first and best way to prompt me is to locate my latest fic challenge and feed me something for that. whatever the current fic challenge is is what i’m most keen to write at that time, so hit that up!

the second way to prompt me is to just send me the scenario/whatever you’re keen on. so if you have something specific in mind, send me that along with whatever particulars and i’ll see what i can rustle up.

the third way to prompt me is pick out between one and ten words (the more random the mix, the better!), along with pairings/genres/whatever you’re keen on. i’ll try to write something pulling all of those words together with your chosen particulars.

the fourth way to prompt me is to head over to my page and pick out a song to be a prompt. again, any particulars you want and i’ll see what i can do!

there’s no guarantee that prompting me will lead to a certain fic being written, but chances are it will go on my to-write list!