fic challenges

so, fic challenges! basically, i get bored easily. even when i have big projects i should be working on, i get restless and want to do other stuff too. fic challenges are my way of keeping things fresh and fun and so forth.

basically, every now and again (whenever i want to shake things up, basically) i’ll post a fic challenge for myself. each challenge will have a theme (it can be anything from like, fics based off disney songs to fics that feature weird kinks to … essentially anything). then (hopefully!) people will submit suggestions for the challenge and i’ll try to fill them! i’m aiming to keep each challenge fic under 1000 words, but i’m not sticking to that too extremely.

all posts relating to fic challenges can be found here.

please, check out the latest challenge and hit me with some prompts! also, feel free to submit ideas for future challenges!